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[FAQ: Is Your Make Up Expired?]

Many people are not aware of expiration date of their cosmetic products. Expired cosmetics products are not safe to use & potentially cause skin irritation and other problem*.

Generally, cosmetics can be used safely for 3 years as long as they are unopened & kept under normal conditions (cool, dry & away from sunlight). If the product has been opened, it must be used within 3 years as long as the product has been tightly closed, stored in cool, dry & away from sunlight. However, the product may have been contaminated if you have directly touch it with your fingers or hands. Make sure that there is no discoloration, separation, changing of texture before use & stop using if there are any abnormal signs.

In case of Meiko products (Naturactor, octard & mcct), there is NO expired date stated in the packaging. It is because they have passed various types of safety/stability tests so that they can be safely used for 3 years. 

*Depends on skin condition

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