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NATURACTOR SKIN CARE products is now AVAILABLE! Grab yours while stock lasts!

Only RM 43/each + postage!!

Range includes:
1. NATURACTOR Facial Clean (Cleansing & Massaging), 120g
2. NATURACTOR Soap, 90g
3. NATURACTOR Facial Foam, 110g
4. NATURACTOR Nourishing Pack (peal off pack), 80g
5. NATURACTOR Facial Freshener, 150ml
6. NATURACTOR Essence Lotion (Fresh Lotion), 150ml
7. NATURACTOR Moist Skin Lotion, 150ml
8. NATURACTOR Moist Milky Lotion, 150ml
9. NATURACTOR Moist Skin Cream (WEAK OILY TYPE), 70g
10. NATURACTOR Night Cream (Beauty Cream), 68g

For more info, visit our facebook at NATURACTOR COLLECTIONS

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